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Hawaiian Haze Premium CBD Flower

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This bag will include 3.5 grams of Premium Greenhouse-Grown CBD flower.

Strain: Hawaiian Haze, Sativa Dominate Hybrid, 18.23% CBD.

Effects: Perfect for starting your day or to get creative juices flowing. Also used to help with social anxiety making it a perfect social high! It holds a sharp aroma of pineapple/citrus and ending with a waft of an earthy floral breeze.

Roll up and spark up your peace, and awake into a new restful relaxation.

This product is Full-Spectrum CBD and DOES contain the legal limit of 0.3% THC. This strain includes other cannabinoids such as CBC, and CBG.

*DISCLAIMER* If you live in the following states your order will not be fulfilled due to the legality of THC in your state please DO NOT order if you live in the following states: Arkansas, Oregon, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota.